The Library, in conjunction with other departments and staff within the school, works towards achieving the following aims and objectives:

  • To provide a supportive and stimulating environment for students and staff.
  • To encourage all students to reach their full potential as independent learners and develop a positive attitude to life-long learning.
  • To foster the enjoyment of reading as a recreational activity in all members of the school.
  • To provide resources (as appropriate) to support and develop the recreational interests of the students.
  • To provide the opportunities for the students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to access library resources.
  • To develop an awareness in students of the importance of books and other resources as a means of recording and sharing human achievements, failures and aspirations.
  • To contribute to the development of positive personal attributes within each student.

A well-equipped air-conditioned library with approximately 4698 books on various subjects is available. A set of Educational CDs is also available for ready reference. Extensive use of e-library is encouraged to supplement the school library.

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