The overriding aim of the Smart Classrooms strategy is to make ICT integral to learning.

  1. To realise this, the Department of Education, Training and Employment together with schools will achieve a number of goals.
  2. To take full advantage of the possibilities of ICT to enhance student learning, create efficiencies in delivering education and school administration, and advance lifelong learning.
  3. To empower schools, teachers and students to make the most of new technologies to create new learning pathways that equip students to live and work in the Smart State.
  4. To connect teachers with professional learning so they can create and employ meaningful and engaging strategies where ICT is integral to learning.
  5. To build partnerships between schools and school communities to broaden learning opportunities, foster collaboration and advance lifelong learning.
  6. To support the effective use of ICT for learning by sharing and celebrating success, delivering an underpinning framework of ICT support and assisting schools to maintain and extend their ICT curriculum integration.

 All the 16 classrooms of the school are equipped with Smart Boards.

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